The Curse of Old McBoaty: Part 1 by Norton McClure

I had always hoped that the day I found out I was going to be a father would be an amazingly special day the way boys often dream of such things from their youth. I envisioned music from unseen musicians, slow-motion leaps through the air with birds fluttering around my head, the smell of pomegranate or various citrus fruits subtly combining with the natural flora of the field I was leaping through, and of course, casually rolling down a grassy hill with my soul mate while harps of gold and silver soared through the skies above. Continue reading The Curse of Old McBoaty: Part 1 by Norton McClure

Broken Windows by Tom Garback

The only time my childhood babysitter got away with telling me a scary story was when I was too young to know what was good for me. Amy and my sister had discussed the tale before and figured it to be about time I got my fair share of the creeps. What none of us picked up on at the time was the truly unsettling subtext within the tale soon to be told; after all, we weren’t the originally intended audience. Continue reading Broken Windows by Tom Garback

Compound X by Talia Santopadre

The disease, known as Compound X, started a few months ago and affected my family almost immediately with the loss of my mother. Since the day she got sick, our lone source of income is the money I get from the Coalition, a renegade group of researchers fighting to find a cure. At the time, the only option was to let the disease overtake you, or to take pills to get the job done faster. Continue reading Compound X by Talia Santopadre